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There is a sole and absolute head, Christ (Ephesians 1: 22). He has left the Holy Spirit as the vicar on Earth. The presbytery, which is the Group of elders (1 Timothy 5: 17) exercise the government and the care of the church together with the Holy Spirit. It has never been the purpose of God that a person outside of Christ to be the benchmark and ruler of the Church.


This is the presbytery of the Olive Tree Church with no particular order:

Derek Berdugo

Systems Engineer, Master’s degree in Project Management. Web Developer. Minister of worship and pastor for more than 8 years.

Mario Cortés

Architect. Christian formation in La Plata, Argentina with Los Navegantes. 34 years of Ministry and the past 17 years developing his pastorate. Representative of the Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation before the Ministry of Health (table editor of regulation 33872-S and table regulation 33872-S conflict resolution), named for the presidential House. Director of men, Costa Rican Federation Alliance Evangelical. Member Board of Directors of Christ Vision, channel 31.

Andrea Cortés

Digital animation. Designer. Minister of worship with more than 10 years of ministry.

Daniel Berdugo

Engineer in Industrial Design. Designer and creative director. Minister of worship and pastor for more than 8 years.

Jenny von Schroter

Business owner, manager of Costa Rica Iron Design. Prophet with more than 20 years of Ministry.

Elvia León

Master’s degree in educational psychology. She has worked in Christian Counseling for the last 35 years. She has developed as a pastor for the last 17 years.