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Go to search, love and evangelize each person, family and community to the latest of the Earth, and all Costa Rica, permanent and constantly, to achieve them for Christ, consolidate them and integrate them into the life of the Church.


It is a relationship of rapprochement and communion with each other to protect, love, lead, guide, care, mature, serve, accompany, supplement, teach, feed, nurture, form, equip, ministering, encourage, comfort, advise, build and bless each person in the Church who wants to, accepts and seeks communion and pastoral care.


Care and guide each new brother and sister, consolidating, grazing, training, accompanying him/her, and refined by the Holy Spirit so that you get to have the character of Christ, serve the Lord, and become workers of the Kingdom of God.


Search love God above all things, in praise, worship, obedience, search for the presence in prayer and fasting, searching for his will by God’s Word, search for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, so that their presence and grace occur in our lives and Ministry.


There is a sole and absolute head, Christ (Ephesians 1: 22). He has left the Holy Spirit as the vicar on Earth. The presbytery, which is the group of elders (1 Timothy 5: 17), exercise the government and the care of the church together with the Holy Spirit. It has never been the purpose of God that a person outside of Christ, to be the benchmark and ruler of the Church.