Men’s Ministry aims to transform their hearts to live fully as God’s children and disciples of Christ.

 Women’s Ministry is looking to support all those women who need a place to grow and be strengthened.

The youth ministry Heaven Soldiers is looking for a space for young people of the Congregation, where felt loved and understood.

The mission as Teenagers Ministry is to establish a culture of worship to God, rejoice and faith.

Children’s Ministry aims to form a generation passionate for serving God since the young age.

The ministry of praise and worship, Olivo Worship, has as main purpose worship our Lord Jesus Christ and give him all the glory.

The dance was created by God and began in the sky used to worship him in spirit and in truth.

Theater Ministry aims to ministering God’s presence in any place where present.

Audio Visual is responsible for transmitting the message of salvation in Jesus Christ by means of audiovisual communication.

The Ministry of Servants is responsible for being a real support to the Congregation, through the service of deacons and ushers.

The objective of the Ministry of evangelism is to transmit the transforming message of Jesus and what He has done in our lives.

The purpose of the Ministry of Consolidation is retain the new believer and form in it, the character of Christ, through the mission and vision of the church.

The purpose of the Ministry of Finance is to ensure the well-being and financial health of the Church through excellent management and commitment.

Ahavah was created with the vision establish the foundations and the biblical foundations in the worship of God.