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The Ministry of Youth Heaven Soldiers is looking for a space for the young people of the Congregation, where they can felt loved and understood; and thus bring the love of Christ without prejudice or signs, as the Bible teaches in 1 Corinthians 13.

In these years, Heaven Soldiers has had an overwhelming growth, from three members in its early days to more than one hundred today. This has led to the development of ministries for the expansion of the work of God and the edification of the Church as: Saving Seraphim, Praise and Worship, Evangelism, Theater, Arts and Servants, among others. The scope has also been extended by evangelistic activities as CampaOlivo camps, concerts, trips, theatre, and special works of art that worships Christ and give testimony of His Name.

For the future, Heaven Soldiers will continue to grow, making disciples, taking the word of God to our country and abroad, with ministries called by God to the Nations. In the same way, we will continue looking to walk in the will of God for this ministry.